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here. Someone said the email button down right does not work--it works for many people. But write me at seth17279@aol.com or phone 646 707-3693 Seth Farber, Ph.D.

Hi. I am diagnosed as "schizophrenic" but do not find that to be a positive or useful label in my experience or daily living. I am quite tired of the brain-problem/disease paradigm and have experienced the cold, non-empathetic treatment of law and psychiatric professionals who have hospitalized me repeatedly for as little as not eating for a day.

In my daily life, beings communicate with me almost 24/7. They create dream-imagery while I'm awake - or "hallucinations" - which they refer to as art, drawings, paintings, and murals. They also manipulate my emotions, give me thoughts and ideas, and control my body. It is not possible that a malfunctioning brain could communicate and manipulate me in the way they do.

I was hoping you could provide me with some safe space type terminology for talking about my experience without succumbing to the defamatory "thought disorder"-like ideology. As of now, I refer to myself and others as contactees or experiencers. Visions seems more real to me than hallucinations.

Could you recommend literature or websites that are experiencer friendly? I'd love to hear more about other people's beings. I believe the "average" person is influenced like me: I think beings put images and ideas into their imaginations and definitely control them - without their knowledge - throughout the dreaming process by setting scenes and constructing narratives that the subconscious mind, lacking agency or consciousness - could not possibly create.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dr. I am a recovered alcoholic who used to go to AA but quit after 24 years of not being able to stay sober in that program. I left AA and now I stay sober. My theory is that alcoholism, while being a physical and mental illness, after the physical part is stabilized then the treatment of the mental obsession is the key factor in keeping one sober. If an obsession is the main problem for alcoholics in staying sober then why is it the norm to send people to AA where they talk about it daily. This seems to me to be the worst thing a real alcoholic can do. I think that since I quit going to AA and hearing all that everyday that I was able to get passed the obsession and move on with my life. I do miss the friends though, however I have had much trouble running around with some of those characters. Also, I am convinced AA is a real cult and in fact I think it may have been the first religious cult in America and I think other cults have modeled themselves after AA. The steps are brainwashing techniques according to the internet. I googled brainwashing techniques and found that it is a step by step process and the wording of those steps is very similar to the actual 12 steps. They hit the highlights of the program of "being rid of self" "surrender" "defeat" and being dependent on the program. AA takes money at every meeting and according to its traditions it is to never be spent on anything but to pay the light and coffee bills. When you add up the amount taken in at each meeting and then multiply it by the amount of meetings world wide, its millions of dollars each day. Where is the money. My question to you is if the mental health community is aware of the fact that AA is a cult and if it is why hasn't anybody done anything about it. They brainwash you to think the only way you can get sober is to go to AA and if you don't stay sober they beat you up mentally which just keeps you in a state of depression and self loathing, which leads to the obsession kicking in and the first drink and another bender. I used MMJ to get past my initial cravings but now I am totally clean. It took about 2 full years at least of using MMJ for me to get passed my obsession for alcohol but now I can honestly say I don't want to drink anymore at all and have not had a drink in 5 years.

Glad to find your site Dr. Farber. I have often wondered why the church swallows the materialistic paradigm of psychiatry so readily.

A baby (if lucky enough to be born into a country and a family where it will be fed)...So already, we can see, there is nothing that is typical on which to base the analogy in the first place.....
Alright, so - A baby cries 50% of the time for milk. (Unhappy?)
The baby 50% of the time feels full.
Even with this tiny little example, which leaves out so many other factors that are involved in being happy or unhappy - so what's normal - if it's on average 50/50?

Ruth C.

Re. article in Orthodoxy Today, "Against Psychotherapy & Biological Psychiatry"
As mentioned after comments about Valenstein...how about these psychological constructs - happy is normal? unhappy is not?


Here's the last paragraph of the review, in case you didn't get that far yet:

Madness in artists and other super-sensitive people is nothing for most other people to be afraid of. We are not violent. An insanity trip is a retreat from common reality, often too intense for words, disorganized and visions without any real meaning or validity. It's downright scary, but not dangerous to anyone else. The ABUSE in hospitals is UNFORGIVABLE, for all that you don't understand about us is, that we are simply unable to put up with or deal with the banality and unexplainableness of ordinary reality and are really more sane than you are.

Your friend,
Ruth Campbell

What's gonna make us any better if we don't change the world?

People please do not stay indifferent. Do not let a monstrous tyranny!
Subscribe : https://goo.gl/sMnJ6y Perhaps these You commit most worthy deed in life.

Forgot to add to the comments I just posted:
Thank you,
Mike Mazzeo

The shocking thing about Teresa “Deion” Harris case to me is how frequently the same injustice occurs in this country. These are females typically having terrible childhoods rife with sexual & physical abuse, along with neglect & exposure to drug use. They start off life with the deck stacked against them and no chance to see that there is any other way to live. As they go through teen years and enter adulthood they have a long string of abusive boyfriends and are surrounded by drugs, violence and crime. Ineviteably the Woman will be present when a murder is committed by the boyfriend & are forced to participate on some level out of fear & obedience. They will not attempt to contact the police but quickly tell all without much prompting as soon as they are in police custody and safely away from the boyfriend. Then, even though there would be no case if it wasn't for her account, the Woman is tried and convicted without the benefit of any reduction of charges or culpability from the prosecutor, receiving the same or even worse sentences as the killer, up to and including the death sentence. They will truly feel guilt and remorse for what happened, where the killer has none. It truly is a sad scenario and makes me ask why no one else seems to notice or care about this?

De Sethh:) Farber, Ph.D.

Good day, March 28,2015--5:48PM/PST.

Sir, My name is Machele Mae Lopez, I left a VM that appeared to have been connected to a beeper type device, this same day, late morning. around 11-12 PST.

Within my recorded audio I left I told you, I have been lead to choose you,kind Sir:), as my first contact with the outside world.

I am very pleased with my decision, choosing you first:)).
We have ran parallel in time this life, Doctor.

I smiled when you told Albert you talk to anyone for free at least once!!
I soo chuckled:)I too, talk to anyone for free/(fiat money)

however, we both well know any exchange with another being human or other wise, comes with personal intention.

This is my intention towards you Sethh, I've been in isolation for about 2 months. I've completely awoken completely.

Except every time I proclaim this, Our Father smiles and I expand even more:)

To the point,I am almost completely free of relying On striking air across my vocal chords.

I am in contact with many many life forms, over time, more come every linear day. I've learned its so much easier to communicate telepathically.

I am to understand this is for a reason, that I am being prepared for my role to come to humanity in the near future I do not know when exactly...
I know for a fact you are being called Seth, by the Creator of Humanity. Our Father..... Alpha and Omega..

I could not find anything recent of you, except Israel's issue's.

It's been 357 linear/earth days give or take, since you were with Alfred lambermont Webre. Mad Pride and all that..

A LOT has gone on Obviously, in 357 linear/earth days:))

In closing, I am contacting you first among humanity, as I thought and was lead by much aide in deciding on you.

Time is of the essence.

Yes, actually "essence' yours is being summoned.

As per Universal law, you have free will to not answer.

You are a brilliant Soul, one such as you knows "Truth deprivation" Choosing NOT to respond, isn't fair play in the new construct. I point this out merely as our friend Arty Laing so well put it.

Its not fair to anyone being, to withhold truth from an other. I don't see your a being that plays denial:)

Dr. Laing, insisted I put this into the text, perhaps this will help..

Yes, Seth, Arty is very much with me... it was "our" choice both as one, selecting you.. He is very humbled and joyous you are carrying on the message... was it Laingism?? something like that?.... He is very honored.. Your love and dedication,, none of it was for naught... no worries..

At 8PM tonight "As you wish Radio" James Guillian's show from ESSETTI ranch, here in Washington State, at the foot of Mount Adams.. 4 hour drive from my location.

James is not aware of my presence as of yet, again it was decided to reach out to you first.

The radio show will broadcast live be 11PMEST.. this evening. that is your time frame this evening.

it will be my first attempt to join a chat room:) I invite you to try to attend.

I know nothing of a "chat room" it should be fun to try!!!

Below is my contact information:

If I haven't connected with you by say... 12 Noon, March 29,2015, Sunday PST, well then, I will move to the second contactee, which is Dr. Webre. Yes, you really really are the first human!!

Not even Alfred knows of my presence yet and isn't that interesting he is only 2 or so hours away from my location as well..??


Thank you in advance for your time and attention in the above referenced text.

Respectfully Submitted:

Machele M. Lopez,RN,CDMS,LNC
Medical Rehabilitation Specialist
Psychiatric RN

(727) 430-5824- on call personal cell

Please refer to my Linkin page for full Professional/Vocational Bio.

index: Machele M Lopez RN CDMS

One more thing, Arty adds:

"It's time to reframe"

throughout my life,now 63 I have been attacked with continual running x-rays in dental offices, i fear many others in my life have been crippled by these FBI torture exercises and given parkinson's, ms, etc. I have now been surrounded by perpetrators using elf weapons, possibly more virulent emf forms for assassinating me. Before being able to identify them, i went to a doctor after I thought I had been exposed to gamma, from a large expensive van while shopping at a farmers market. I the lady Linda Broussard had me sit on an 'exam table' this was in actuality a microwave or ion table. They burned all my organs and brain. I am now surrounded by perps with access to all kinds of these weapons, twice or more I have been burned by helicopters with plasma lazers through by head and torso whilst resting. I was into organic farming but have had my food poisoned in my house, clothing, windows etc, they caused the early death of parents relatives and frieds. This is a large operation here of which it seems I am the focus. With doctors, dentists, police and sheriff as well as a military component I dont know what to do frankly. Just a heads up to some of the breadth of this sadistic society.

Please contact me at my email or at my phone. I don't answer
here. Someone said the email button down right does not work--it works for many people. But write me at seth17279@aol.com or phone 212 560-7288.
Seth Farber, Ph.D.

Teresa Deion Smith Harris is a cold-blooded murderess, a savage of the worst sort. If there is any sense to this universe she will rot in the penitentiary until the day she dies. She should have been executed.

Amazing ... I streamed the Alex Jones show and heard you speak , Wow ... I'm 35 and I was FORCED onto meds at the age of 12 and was told I had Schizophrenia , Bi Polar type 2 ,anxiety disorder and multiply personality dis order , And the list goes on and on ....I have take some many drugs over the years they've made me SICK and I almost died from a lithem overdose.. about 9 yrs ago they finally put me on seriqual , and many other med for depression and so on , I didn't get sick so they kept me on it for yrs now , I feel as thought i've lost feeling for anything in the world numb , I returned to school after dropping out in 9 grade , to 3 yrs of College which my psych teacher loved me and was amazed I was even in school, I was a honor student and graduated at the top of my class , My father was my biggest support , My whole life he told me There was nothing wrong with me the I was Smart and Creative ...He has since passed and I remember his words each day ... I live a life Happily marred ..I have children however non live with me do to my illness being used like a weapon against me in court, It has robbed me of happiness with my children and I have one son who Now faces the same road ... I plan to try to come off my meds slowly ... But I feel i have too , I want to enjoy what 's left of my life with out the numbness ...

Elithea L. Burger
Spangdalhem , Germany AFB

Quick question:
How do you see the replacement of healthy natural foods with processed and Genetically modified "food-Like" products, playing into "psychiatric and behavioral" disorders?

Listened to you on Alex Jones PodCast yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you for not going along with the party line,
Too many people in your field of expertise seem to be afraid to buck the system and raise the alarm. The collusion of the Psychiatric profession with Big Pharma has done more damage than any "psychiatric disorder", only to rivaled by the educational system (which is complicit itself). I hope more good persons in your profession will follow your lead.
Be well

Heard you on the Alex Jones show last night... great work... keep it up!

South Africa

Heard you on the show today, spot on! I love your voice too, it makes me think of that Jerky Boys character, but you obviously aren't a push over like that character.
Good information, and Good Dr. in a sea of psychos.
I'll keep you in my prayers doc. keep up the good fight.

Saw you on Joney's site today, INFOWARS. Hope to see more of you on his site. By the way, your American On Line email doesn't work.

Great job Doc., on Alex Jones today!!!
Kathy Griffin
Houston, TX

Thank you for coming on to Alex Jones today. Lots of great insight. Thank you for all you do and what you stand for!

Enjoyed your interview on Alex Jones today. Godspeed in all the hard work you are doing. Please send me a link where i can make a donation to your work if possible: acwil321@aol.com. Alasha

Hello Seth,
Thank you for going on Alex Jones live today.
Matthew mnmcamping@yahoo.com

Hi Seth,

I'm Cathy from over there at Mad in America talking about my brother. Thank you for the link to your site. I was a bit disappointed that the lady before you answered in such an off hand manner as this is serious. I also thought its connection to the broader issues of labelling etc would be appreciated but obviously not.

Yes my brother is upset about it as he has been turned out for not going along with their interpretation of things. The children are 26 & 27. We have discussed that they might move past it but because this is unknown he is anxious and doesn't know what to do as they haven't spoken to him since he left. I know that all sorts of things (often derogatory) are said to family members, however this is different as it has taken on an air of authority where it is not a level playing field.

If you could help that would be very much appreciated.


Dear Dr Farber. I had a breakdown three years ago.. After coming out of hospital, I (like a switch) came down with terrible depression and anxiety, my heart started beating fast and loud, and everything just went very strange, like being in a Salvador Dali painting. I could not sleep or eat and nearly killed myself..it was horrendous. I held out for three weeks, than resorted to anti depressants which (helped). I still do not understand what happened, or why. I am still on medication and still suffer from depression, from mild to semi severe. Do you perhaps have any suggestions?

Dear Seth Farber,

The excerpt below on the nature of “so-called hallucinations” is from a book written by Franklin Merrell-Wolff, an American philosopher-mathematician-scientist who achieved mystical or spiritual Enlightenment (or Illumination, or Awareness, or Whatever) in 1937. I believe he offers here an astute, edifying and challenging perspective that reframes the entire discussion regarding pathology versus normality, particularly in relation to the field of medical psychiatry. His words below also have major ramifications for the notion of ‘treatment’ and therapeutic intervention. Having recently read your complelling book "The Spiritual Gift of Madness" I thought it might interest you. Make of it as you will and feel free to share with others.

Brian Spittles

Merrell-Wolff, F. (1973) The Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object: Reflections on the Nature of Transcendental Consciousness. New York: The Julian Press, Inc., pp.143-145.

Modern psychology distinguishes between objects that it calls real and objects that it calls hallucinations. From the standpoint of Consciousness-without-an-object there is no important difference between these two sets of objects. The so-called real objects are experienced by groups of men in common, while the hallucinations are generally private. This is merely a social criterion of reality and has no logical force. Essentially it is as meaningless as determining physical laws by popular vote (p.143)...[T]he fact that objects exist for a given individual privately is not sufficient either to credit them with reality or to discredit them by calling them unreal hallucinations. The problem of reality is not to be handled in any such simple offhand manner. In fact, such a method is sheer intellectual tyranny. It is entirely possible that society, and not the individual man, is the greater fool. I am inclined to think so.

Objects, whether of the common social type or the so-called hallucinations, exist for the powers of experience and thinking, and thus both are derivative. If by ‘Reality’ we mean the nonderivative, then both types of objects are unreal. In the narrower or pragmatic sense, the one type of object may be more real than the other, when taken in relation to a given purpose. It may well be that in the narrow sense of the purpose of western physical science, the social object is more real, but from the religious standpoint, in certain instances at any rate, the reverse valuation is far more likely to be true. But here we have no more than valuation with respect to specific purpose.

Some mystical states, probably the greater number, involve the experiencing of subtle objects of the type that the psychologist calls hallucination. Practically, this has the effect of classifying the mystic with the psychotic, apparently with the intent of common depreciation. Such a course involves both intellectual laziness and a failure in discrimination. Since a ‘hallucination’ merely means private experience as opposed to social experience, it constitutes no true judgement or value. There is often a world of difference between one and another so-called hallucination. The difference between the state of consciousness of a drunkard, enjoying delirium tremens, and that of a seer like Swedenborg, is as far apart as the poles. All too (p.144) often the psychologist calls both merely states of hallucination, and acts as though he thought that by giving a name he had solved the whole problem. As a matter of fact, the real problem here is one of valuation, just as it is with the social objects. The vital question in either case is: How far and on what level do the objects arouse the realization of Meaning? The objects that do this in higher degree and on a higher level may properly be regarded as possessing the greater relative reality. Thus, in a given case, the so-called hallucination may far outreach any social object in the relative reality. In any case, the type of the object, whether social or private, is not by itself, any measure of its value or reality. Neither type has nonderivative Reality or Meaning (p.145).

I am studying to becoming a comedian. Standup, especially open mic standup, is much like a therapy session -- and far cheaper. My suggestion would be for patients, especially patients under medication, to begin a regimen of standup. When you can share the humor of your so-called "illness" with other depressives, you're on your way to healing.

Ooh, Dr. Farber. I have AT&T but I can't use it 'cause there are no towers here in Maine. I'll get another phone soon. My number that I can't use is 207 922- 7288. Looks like you are censored too. CaptainProMe: FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE

Dr. Farber, I heard you on Coast to Coast with George Noori. Thank you for speaking for all of us with mental issues. I was kidnapped as a child and developed PTSD since then. I head a voice during the kidnapped that helped me scape. I also saw my life review flashing in front of my eyes as I thought this man was going to kill me. Then in 2000 went to visit a Psychiatrist who put me on anti-psychotic drugs making me more psychotic, fat and stupid. I came out of it and then in 2005 had a nervous breakdown where I had an amazing spiritual awakening, I was in Nirvana and Unity, I came to understand things one can only do in such states. I then went to meditate for year what lead me to communicate with the Platonic solids and then eventually with Metatron, He has always been there for me, warning me if something wrong is going to happen. Thanks for your work. Celeste from Vancouver, Canada.

8.1.2012 - Dear Seth et al. I've just read through the complete list of 'discussion' comments, and have come away realizing that all of us are but typically hungry for open minds ready to receive and perhaps emphathize with our own... and perhaps even finally begin truly understanding the sincereties that all of our words seek to convey. Thus, nothing very mad or even unusual is to be found here; we're just another collective of humans being humans. My wife and I loved everything you said during the course of your interview w/George at C2C on 7.30.2012. It's been good to meet you, and I wish us all well at figuring out how to become fully one with that which has given us our existence. Once we all elevate, expand, grow, mature and thereby heal our minds to that place, I'm quite certain that we'll then realize that all that we've ever 'suffered' from has merely been the profound & inevitable ignorance that was but part-&-parcel of this cosmic process that is bringing us into such wondrous light as is beginning to stream into us. Love to all, R&D

He doesn't have any credibility! He knows Psychology. Most Psychologists don't have a clue and Psychiatrists just lie. Take a glass of wine and call me in the morning, otherwise there is no reason for a Psych to be lobotomizing with short-term and stealing souls through long-term use of anti-psychotic meds for person relationship and mental take-over issues.

Dr. Farber, the email address does not seem to be working. Is there another one I can send my question to?

Hi Dr. Seth. I heard you speak for about 20 minutes on the Coast to Coast show and I strongly agree with your approach. I’m diagnosed Bipolar and am EXTREMELY aware of the "typical western medicine" myth. I believe I may have information from my personal experience that will be beneficial to your studies. I've been looking for doctors whom have been able to prove this in order to completely share my story with others. I am on the spiritual side of my alleged disorder and have faith that with the correct resources we can bring forth a wealth of information.

I'm studying psychology in college and would like to trade information. If at all possible will you please contact me or please provide a way for me to contact you to keep in touch with you directly?

Thank you for your knowledge and your being a educated voice for me personally and those whom are and will be subjected to this in the future.


How can you maintain any professional credibility after claiming schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are the same thing?

Nice job Seth, considering George is an atheist. You may be barking up the wrong tree with the church. Their sole purpose is to make sure people don't get too high. I was given the opportunity to work on the same work rather than the computer work which I was trained for. Always interested in psychology. The latest I've come up with is that the New England states are less religious because Philosophy is not taught in 5th grade like the rest of the states. Plato is the Father of Religion. The Alpha and the Omega are the basis for the names of blood type A & O and I'm the son of my brother which is highly unusual. Can't find another...but the dead Syd Barrett and Michael Jackson. Ya, it's been a busy 2 1/2 months since I arrived in the New England states where the feds continue to inform local municipalities that I'm schizophrenic thereby forcing trespassing on me in physical and mental capacity causing the fed psych agent gods to have reason to cause chaos on innocent persons resembling myself. They may just kill me. They don't allow EEG's to prove them wrong. I'm a Prince treated as if a terrorist. Schizophrenia is a psychological or physical hole in the brain. Whereas they desire to call it my personality type as found on friend-finders:

You are the inventor, the risk taker, and the developer of new ideas and schemes that can either plummet you into bankruptcy or catapult you to riches and glory. Dozens of ideas ricochet in your head at any given moment, and you can talk circles around anyone you know. You are the epitome of creativity

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I've been censored but her goes: CaptainProMe FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE










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If this statistic is true it tells me psychiatrists have no conscience.

JR- good lord, you are the biggest whiner ever.

Seth, it would be good if you make it more of a priority to return phone messages and/or answer the phone. I wanted to talk to you about the fact that around Xmas last year it was for me the twenty-fifth anniversary of an illegal incarceration into a vile snakepit for having the nerve to ask for help from the "system" after a terrifying domestic attack. And the fact that nobody cared then...or now. I never got any justice in spite of going to hell and back trying to get some. The criminal charge leading to the illegal incarceration....in spite of it leading to an ACD, and in spite of the fact that it was made grudgingly by an incompetent shrink...is STILL on my record....and illegally so!! It should have disappeared six months after the fact.
The reason people get abused by the psychiatric system...is that they are too compliant. Period. They ask for help from the "system" and don't know enough not to do it. Clancy Siegel said it best in his satirical novel based on the Philadelphia Project and Ronnie Laing. He said that these potential inmates are too trusting.....and then that trust gets used against them..as if to say "You must be crazy for thinking anyone least of all us...would give a bleep about you!!" And then the person goes a bit ditzy from being left with nothing...and then the "system" sweeps them up through fair means or foul. The purpose is to keep the truth from ever getting out.
Also shortly after it happened to me I joined the "survivors" movement and met Judy C. at a major conference and told her my story...and she pretty much cut me off in the middle implying "So what do you want with ME for chrissake?"
Years later I found this hypocrisy was pretty typical.
If you are not extraordinarily attractive or articulate or brilliant or something...if you do not have SOME outstanding quality to belie the fact that you are STILL in the "scum-of-the-earth" category...you will still be ignored...even by the "alternative" community.
In the book "The Lourdes of Arizona" Ronnie Laing was acting the pop star after interviewing that crazy woman from the streets. Truth was she complained about (at Ronnie's prompting) the tendency to segregate invalids into "section 8" ghettos even after they have achieved that all important hurtle of getting off the streets. Her point was "What's the damn point anyway if we're still bunched together in a way we can all be ignored together?"
And Ronnie never answered her.I don't think he even heard her. He was too rapt with his own visibility and fame. And he exploited the fact that she was too "nice" to embarrass him about doing it. I personally wouldn't have let him get away with it!!
I read that that whole interview carefully and Ronnie didn't help her with anything. He really just pandered to her. He was oh so surprised that she didn't adhere to some conventional view of Jesus. It really threw him. He revealed himself as totally ordinary. And then he cut her off much too soon. Nothing had been achieved except a massive swindle on the audience.
But he thought there was great "positive" feeling between them, and I say he manufactured the whole success of that interview by getting her to adhere to HIS inner view of the alternative world...(ie: that this conference was a conspiracy of "love") in a way that really went over her head..... but nobody saw it by me and a few other readers I haven't met yet.
And then she got patronized about being so "bright". She was just ordinary though...had an ordinary vocabulary and so forth. Maybe she had to be seen as very bright to cover up the fact that she was just being overpowered by that brilliant Ronnie who always dazzled everyone in those days....
Ronnie manipulated the thing to make it look like he was some kind of magician. Sad to read that book now over twenty five years after it happened and many many years after his unearned halo fell off completely.
That woman may have simply been misdiagnosed. We all know why that happens now with our 20-20 hindsight.
I never had many friends Seth. But after I was so viciously imprisoned following my stupid trust of the mental health system in order to help me get an order of protection against a roommate who had also been abused by the psychiatric system....I found a friend, or so I thought. I had met her a year before...and she just so happened to be working in the accounting dept. of that snakepit. She let me eat at her house and after I was dumped from the sakepit with no where to go, she let me stay with her until I got some seedy inadequate apartment, since all my money was gone. She acted like a friend because it made her feel important. But twenty five years later when I tried to remind her of that special date, I got snubbed in a way I KNEW it was no accident. I reestablished contact with her a couple of years ago and stayed at her house again etc....so it was no magic pop-up job on the anniversary. She just didn't wanna hear about it any more...when for me it was one of the most important relationships of my entire life and one of the most important needs....to have this woman to establish closure with. She acted like she cared...THEN. She snubbed me completely NOW.
The message was.....I was eminently forgettable. Her "excuse" for doing it (when I finally reached her a couple months later) was her physical ailments. REALLY! Talk about conventional. Jesus H. Christmas..who in hell doesn't do that when they really just wanna get rid of you??
So my point here is....that even "HUMANISTIC" psychology is RIFE with BS and hypocrisy. When people get done over by the system the way it happened to me and that woman being interviewed by Ronnie Laing in Arizona..the system always seems to win.
And Seth, if you don't wanna talk to people, and need to select them out for your personal reasons...aren't you sending the same kind of message?
I have been snubbed by you a few times in the past too, so I see a pattern here even with you.
Also it's no coincidence that the "survivors" movement kinda sputtered and died, and now only the "elite" (apparently) get heard about this stuff.
I don't think Thomas Szasz would have cared about my story either. (Peter Breggin didn't either...and that's not conjecture) Thomas Szasz probably would have insinuated that I was normal but just too stupid to stay free. I mean if you get victimized by the system and there's no reason to have allowed yourself to get taken in, then isn't the DEFAULT reason always that you were just too stupid?
Is STUPIDITY the UNSPOKEN diagnosis that all of us invisible ones are really suffering from?
JR LaVine

Much ink has been spilled over the subject of contempt-for-others in traditional psychiatry but so far I've yet to see many frank discussions regarding contempt-for-others in the world of humanistic psychology and also in the real world of our pseudo-democracy and one-percent fightback and galloping inequality among ordinary people. What are the real politics of "success" and "failure" in our world? Who has ever spoken or written frankly about these things? What unspoken rules are being used to hurt some people all of the time and all people some of the time and some people hardly ever...around our unspoken consensus and nagging unspoken questions and unexamined assumptions... regarding success and failure (economic and social and personal) in the real world? How do these subjects tie in with the idea that in humanistic psychology itself there is massive contempt for some dysfunctional individuals who don't necessarily fit in with traditional DSM criteria, but who are dysfunctional nonetheless and damaged by the world at large for not meeting certain unspoken rules of conduct? Does Dr. Thomas Szazz' contempt for instance.... for those "malingerers" (as he himself puts it)draw attention to some of these as yet underground problems in our erstwhile social/political/existential democracy? What happens to people who cannot find meaning in the world because they don't fall neatly into certain preconceived notions of success or failure in ordinary life.....and at the same time they are discouraged from exploring new ways of thinking about such issues....because of so much unspoken prejudice against any such personal or social enlightenment?

In your book, Unholy Madness (p.109)you write: "The countercultural model is not compatible with the church's present policy of deferring responsiblilty for the care of individuals experiencing distress or crises to secular mental health experts." What about sending them to professional counselors who approach their work from a distinctly Christian perspective? Also, do you apply this same critique to people needing physical healing? Should the church be more involved with that as well? I'll look forward to your response. Thanks, Duane

I have a question regarding the current Obama regime and the risk of further governmental control over the so called "Health Care Movement." In light of the administrations efforts to take over the American healthcare system - and with the passing and neglegent acceptance of this system over our civil liberties as free Americans - how will this coercive policy influence the use of coercive psychiatry for our society? Could this lead to a more prevalent psychiatric intervention into people's lives and liberties? Could a zealous administration empower the implementation and distribution of "Institutional Psychiatry" (as deemed by Thomas Szasz). At this point it seems helpless as its nearly inevitable that the American people have been hood-winked into believing that Universal Healthcare, or Socialist Healthcare (whichever way sounds less deviant), will be a prominent factor in America's recovery. This, as any informed civilian knows, is not the case.
I seek your advice on this and also on where I can become active in this debate. I plan to pursue a career in Political Psychology and would like to begin in a suitable environment. I can be contacted by anyone at JWhalenNRG@gmail.com. Thank you

reference to "Naomi Clements"

"I hope the people of Huntingdon of Tennessee have the courage to re-examine the facts in the light of what was revealed on the TV show Women Behind Bars. Deion Harris has served over 17 years in prison for a murder she did not commit, a murder she would have prevented had it been within her power. Ms Harris should be rewarded at long last for the service she provided to the people of Tennessee in helping to put Walter Smothers behind bars before he murdered another person. The Brooks family in particular owes a debt of gratitude to Teresa Deion Harris for turning in the murderer of their loved one. I think that the best way the Brooks' family could now honor the memory of Dennis Brooks Jr is by asking the Governor to commute Ms Harris sentence, to free her from prison at long last."


Thanks for your work, Dr. Farber!

You ARE kidding about the Brooks family owing Teresa Deion Smith Harris a apology......I hope she is punished for ALL eternity. He was my COUSIN.

Link to my email is at right--bottom. Please send questions to email, or phone if you prefer. seth17279@aol.com

Hi Seth, I was watching Psychiatry - Instrument of Death, and at end pf part 8, I saw a video you gave. It is so powerful--in 3 parts--i was transfixed. What you are saying is full of love. However, I would like to ask you this: How do you see the new psychedelic therapies, in the psychiatric world. I have read some shrinks who are doing this with people still use same old jargon as 'chronic mental illness' etc! Also, about your belief in Judeo-Christianity. As you know many women, ecofeminists, radical feminists, and males too, pagans, see the Church as being patriarchal, and that the roots of this secular nightmare seem to have ROOTS in this theocracy from our past. For example, Thomas Szasz shows similarites between Church dogma and its Inquisitions with psychiatric history in his book, The Manufacture of Madness Earlier this evening, I had watched a BBC2 documentary where this Christian minister goes round the world experiencing other faiths, including pagan. Tonight he joined a witch's coven, and he struggled with joining on, and had to leave early because he said "I am a minister. I do not worship nature. I worship 'God'" And in that statement, for me, it shows the eptiome of the Christian belief system. He had also been to Australia with romantic notions of being introduced by the Aborigenees to The Dreamtime rituals, but found that they had been converted to Christian faith, and their rituals were now hollow, and he said how "upset" he was. So he seems in contradiction So I really would love to know your thoughts about this?

You are an insult to the profession how could you bring Jeff on Howard Stern and have him fullfill his fetish. You are a sell out and a hack who couldnt treat a cold.... Screw You Jeff

by the way..i wrote the comment below this one....my email is piro133a@aol.com. my name is michael gaudio

I have just begun reading your book, Madness, heresy, and the Rumor of Angels. It seems interesting to me. i have only just begun to read this book, but i am seeing similiarities between its content, and my own life. I wish i could talk to you more in detail, and ask you questions. It would be nice to have a professional person tell my family that perhaps it is not "me" that is the problem. just yesterday I got a call from my grandmother, (a very loving and crazily worried woman)the first thing she started to really talk about was "We just need to get you medicated, and everything will be ok". It makes me want to cry, as much as it makes me want to laugh. In all, i wish i had someone to relate all this too. anyway, thankyou.

I agree all too well… I’ve first become very observant of Dr. Szasz’s and Dr. Breggin’s writtings and yours when our family was going through transitional existential and cultural difficulties which began when we realized our eldest son was not being intellectually challenged in his Ardsley (Westchester, N.Y.) high school…I hold his school’s administration ( not the teachers) responsible for much of the mistreatment that occurred. Thanks to the readings of Drs. Szasz’s and Breggin’s including yours I’ve managed to find the strengh to empower myself and my son by pulling him out of the school’s quick-sandbox… So, I’m ever gratefull for your cohesive efforts to keep the “Establishments” from pushing their “bright” pupils into their dead ends… And I wish to know how I can help prevent other kids (including my other junior high son) from possibly falling into their shool’s same destructive blind alleys … - Viviane Marescot-02/06/08

Hello Mr Farber. My question is whether or not you are still in touch with the gentleman whom we all witnessed on the Howard Stern Show enjoying the vomit of a young lady. Now I myself do not enjoy vomit or any other crazy such things, but my what an interesting fellow! Portly, yes. But interesting indeed!

Hello Mr. Farber, I couldn't e-mail you through the website, so this is the only thing I could click on that would let me write. Hope that's cool? Anyway, I wanted to ask you how one could most effectively contact counselors in the Los Angeles area who come from the same point of view as you. I am a struggling counselor seeking to escape from the mainstream counseling b.s., and wanting to genuinely help people become free. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks Matt Robbins. p.s. my e-mail is mjrobbinster@gmail.com and my phone is 310-633-3239. Peace

Dear Dr. Farber, Please let me introduce myself. My name is Elaine Phipps-earl and i am a mature aged (54 years young;)) doing my thesis for Honours in Philosophy, answering the question "Is mental Illness an illness or a set of illnesses and if so what are their characteristics?" I am honoured to quote u in my thesis. However, my Supervisor has asked me not only to quote full names of those i reference, but also their birth/death e.g. Pierre Deniker (1917- ). I would be extremely greatful if u could please email me - lizral@ozemail.com.au with your year of birth. Have tried to trace it on the net, but was unable to find it. Anxiously waiting to hear from u. Kind Regards and Best Wishes Elaine (Brisbane, Australia)

Please could someone tell me what year Dr. Seth Farber was born and if he is still alive ?

Seth, I liked your old Website too and I am happy you sent me this new address to include on my own list.The new Site is very easy on the eyes for reading and I like the updated photo of you; though it was a bit of a shock after all these years! Keep adding to it. Patricia Lefave, Canada

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Dear Dr Farber, I am a 33 year old male whose life has been full of lables, countless stays in institution's, because others think I'm insane. Thank you. for helping me understand that I'm not crazy. I just listened to you on Alex Jones and buddy you have said everything I have thought, but people think I'm insane

Grr !
I apologize for the many typos in my previous post .New cell an I apologize guess turning off the word predictor off might be a good thing to
do .
Be Love

I would love nothing more than to call the number posted and speak with you ,perhaps for the rest of my life .
YoThe coast to coast show
recently posted on YouTube , featuring your opinions and ideals , literally blew my drug diseased mind control.
I am going to attempt to get myself off this poison , but having a safe place and one which doesn't rely on the pharmaceutical industry , to come off safely is my issue .
Without having family or friends , how would you suggest going about doing so , please .
Thank you for being you and true to yourself .



My point is well illustrated in that my comment was followed by someone else's comment and there was no way to show that my comment was separate from theirs. You really need to change this, Seth.

~~~Joy Williams



You really need a better way to show who is typing on this page. Some kind of highlight system, or a Topic line or something. It's hard to tell when one comment starts and another begins. It creates a disservice when trying to keep any kind of flow when reading.

From what I can tell from my rather cursory look of your views, I must say that something inside of me leapt for joy in hope as I skimmed through. I'm not one who is normally given over to conspiracy theories or who has relied upon subjective thinking to make decisions, but your arguments resonate very much with my own recent experiences with the psychiatric system and with mental illness.

I am currently writing this at about 4:00 a.m., after having been jolted out of bed by a surge of energy despite taking four milligrams of Xanax five hours ago. I just turned thirty and have tolerated, and even enjoyed, these surges throughout my life, as I find them crucial to my creative processes as well as for my ability to write and articulate things clearly. The feeling I now have is undoubtedly what the psychiatric community would label as "hypomanic."

In truth, manic and hypomanic states are very real and very potentially harmful. Over the past several years, and on more than several occasions, I have found myself so extremely wound up that I once resorted to cutting myself to relieve the tension, and I have been admitted to the hospital a couple of times. When my impulse control is thus so very low, I have found myself committing textbook bipolar acts: spending sprees, sexual promiscuity, fixation, recklessness with regards to personal safety, etc. I have never been dangerous to others, however.

Being bipolar is definitely something that has its issues in this regard. Yet there is a very beneficial and even empowering side to the disorder as well. For instance, while in a hypomanic state in college, I was able to out-perform most of my peers, as I could operate on little to no sleep without any problems. It was when I was in this state that I had so many of those "ah-ha" moments, those strokes of genius in which certain things become so utterly crystal clear. My ability to perform academically was on a whole other level while "hypomanic."

Yet of course the rollercoaster nature of bipolar means that these benefits are not consistent, thus leading to the condition being labeled a disorder. For this reason, and n general, in my experience I would have to agree that it is largely a disorder. The problem is how the disorder is being treated (and I assume this is your argument, so I apologize if I am just rehashing it.)

I won't get too much into my personal history except to say that I was not diagnosed until I was relatively late in life. I was aware that there was something that set me apart from others, but I feared the stigma attached to being psychiatric patient. But I finally had to see a psychiatrist for depression a few years ago. I was put on a common SSRI which, to anyone who knows anything about bipolar, only greatly exasperates bipolar. Over the course of a month of taking the medication, I pretty much lost my mind. I had experienced hypomanic states up until this point throughout my life, but now I was experiencing full-blown manic states, depression, and mixed-states (with episodes of catatonia). Though I was taken off the drug, I have not been the same since and my life has been absolute hell.

Since the Prozac incident, I have been placed on every SSRI available. Once my diagnosis was changed from depression to bipolar, I've been on four mood stabilizers as well as several antipsychotics. In addition to these, for the purpose of countering the others' terrible side effects, I have been prescribed everything from blood pressure medications to speed... that's right: methamphetamine!

My day starts by taking 30 mg of meth orally. I am currently unemployed, so my goal is normally to begin looking for a job or something else productive. If I am fortunate enough not to become fixated on something pointless, I might get something done. But normally I end up doing nothing much productive. In the evening to wind down, I take my Xanax, blood pressure medication, lithium, and two other meds in order to get to sleep. Needless to say, functioning at the level I used to as a student and professional (I had what I consider a prestigious career prior to all of this) had been nearly impossible. I have attempted to stop these meds, but the withdraw from them is excruciating in terms of the resulting depression, the paranoia, the loss of cognitive ability, the memory loss, etc. I feel like a prisoner to them.

I'm apologize for making this so long. My original intention was to write to you about the positive aspects of bipolar mania and that, because of these positive aspects, there really must be a better way other than mind altering medications to deal with the very real negative aspects of the disorder.

Real quick, I will just say that it has been when I have been hypomanic that I have operated at my absolute best. I am not an arrogant person, and I realize this may sound that way, but when I have been hypomanic, I have been nothing short of a genius. It is during those times when I am "up" in this state of mind that I have been able to sort of glimpse those almost indefinable things in nature. I describe the feeling as sort of looking around the corner of every day reality to see another point of view. Just as you mention that your work consists of constructing a new paradigm for how our society views mental health, when I am "up," existing paradigms melt as I am able to think about the world in new and exciting ways. In my opinion, this is how we advance individually as people and collectively as a society.

As you have said, mental illnesses as a whole are not necessarily the problem, it's those aspects of them that can lead to the affected being less able to function, and, worse, it's the treatments we currently have available that really make them into a disorder.

Again, it is very refreshing to read your thoughts. I've only begun to delve into your writings, though I am very exciting to read more. Thank you.

The way political whistle blowers in this society...are sometimes hounded to madness....by the agents of repression and terror....strikes me as SO SIMILAR to the way "disturbed" people are labeled and dismissed and then often tortured into inertness.
The truth is sometimes the greatest enemy.
But the movement to liberate truth itself...is the most noble endeavor anyone can undertake. Thank you Seth, for your great contributions.

Any questions can be addressed to me at seth17279@aol.com. Someone said there was no email listed--there is a link toi my emailm at right bottom, as well as phone/ Thank you. Seth Farber

I agree all too well… I’ve first become very observant of Dr. Szasz’s and Dr. Breggin’s writtings and yours when our family was going through transitional existential and cultural difficulties which began when we realized our eldest son was not being intellectually challenged in his Ardsley (Westchester, N.Y.) high school…I hold his school’s administration ( not the teachers) responsible for much of the mistreatment that occurred. Thanks to the readings of Drs. Szasz’s and Breggin’s including yours I’ve managed to find the strength to empower myself and my son by pulling him out of the school’s quick-sandbox…So, I’m ever gratefull for your cohesive efforts to keep the “Establishments” from pushing their “brightest” pupils into their dead ends… And I wish to know how I can help prevent other kids (including my other junior high son) from possibly falling into their shool’s same destructive blind alleys … - Viviane Marescot-02/06/08


I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

Selected Works

Human Rights
"The psychiatric metanarrative about TIs is yet another example of the mental health professions’ historical subordination of the quest for truth to financial exigencies, and to their own social mandate to control and correct those who deviate from dominant social norms... "-- Seth Farber ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ramola D. : "We stand today on the tip of a revolution with the new knowledge of remote influencing technologies capable of manipulating the human body and human brain. ..Who will speak today on behalf of all humanity? Who will step forward to prosecute and terminate ALL non-consensual human experimentation ongoing today? "
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This revolutionary book tells how the Mad Pride movement developed in the last ten years as the successor to the mental patients’ liberation movement. It includes a Foreword by Kate Millett and interviews with David Oaks, Sascha DuBrul (The Icarus Project), Dr Peter Stastny and Paul Levy, author of Wetiko. Drawing upon the work of theorists like Thomas Szasz, John Weir Perry and R.D. Laing Farber shows how the mad can embrace their “mad gifts” in order to help the long awaited global spiritual transition.
A work in the tradition of Thomas Szasz, R.D. Laing, Michel Foucault and Erving Goffman, a challenge to the delusional belief-system known as psychiatry; and a protest against its appalling crimes. Foreword by Thomas Szasz
The contributors are among the leading American Jewish critics of Zionism and of Israel's policies towards the Palestinians: Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Marc Ellis, Adam Shapiro, Phyllis Bennis, Rabbi Weiss and 6 others.
A critique of psychoanalysis and the medical model model of psychology as a form of secularized Augustinianism. Augustinianism, with its insistence on predestination and eternal damnation, was an inversion of the original Christian teaching of human freedom to respond to infinite grace and the promise of universal salvation.
"An important book."
--Thomas Szasz, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, State University of New York Health Science Center; author of The Myth of Mental Illness
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Excerpt (slightly altered) from essay in Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry (2001, 25th Anniversary Issue) "Against Psychotherapy and Biological Psychiatry"
This is a modern Bildungsroman by a maverick psychologist who is determined to change the world, find his soul mate and prove the soteriological power of madness and of love. He is haunted by a vision–a archetypal memory–of our lost paradise Like the creative misfits and (official) lunatics he befriends, and the mad women with whom he falls in love in this bewitching book-- which is alternately funny, tragic, and intellectually provocative-- he is never fully at home here, except for the ephemeral times when he has found true love. Farber’s peak experiences and his reading of modern mystics like Sri Aurobindo and Vladimir Solovyov, and gerontologists (like Aubrey De Grey) convince him that humanity is destined to attain eternal love and physical immortality-- paradise. It is testimony to Farber’s power as a writer that he is able to make his unusual vision, incredible as it is, seem as if it is just within the reach of humanity.
Human Rights Movement
Network Against Coercive Psychiatry is an organization comprised of psychotherapists (including psychiatrists), survivors of psychiatric incarceration (commonly known as "mental patients"), scholars and other concerned citizens.

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