Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers:Conversations with Jewish Critics of Israel (Common Courage Press, 2005)

This is an important book. ... In these shameful days, when black turns white, when the most brutal leader Israeli militarism has produced is hailed as a man of peace and when standing for justice is silenced as anti-Semitism, this book is a breath of fresh air. The many voices in this book, each different, but all taking basic human values as their point of departure, reminds us that being a Jew today can mean adhering to higher principles than those dictated by the Israeli generals. --Tanya Reinhart, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University, Author of Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"Permit me to thank you with all my heart for your book. It is a ray of piercing truth, amid the darkness that lays claim to our world, from Tel Aviv to Washington, For me, indebted as I am to the prophets from Isaiah to Jesus, you have illumined the human vocation (whether of unbeliever. Jewish. Muslim, Christian); to labor on behalf of justice and peace, to stand with the victimised; 'the widow and orphan and stranger at the gate', to oppose war and its vile tactics--occupation, bombing, sanctions, slaughter of innocents - war, the creator of widows and orphans, of generational hatreds, of a ruined creation - untended wounds on the planet and the body of the human family.The book is simply indispensable, given the welter of outright lies, slants, omissions that sum up our 'unmediating media' regarding the ongoing tragedy of the Palestinian people. To you and the noble minority who people this book, thanks are due from those who seek the truth, ever endangered and dishonored by the mandarins of untruth. "
-- Rev Daniel Berrigan, S.J.
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Human Rights
"The psychiatric metanarrative about TIs is yet another example of the mental health professions’ historical subordination of the quest for truth to financial exigencies, and to their own social mandate to control and correct those who deviate from dominant social norms... "-- Seth Farber ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ramola D. : "We stand today on the tip of a revolution with the new knowledge of remote influencing technologies capable of manipulating the human body and human brain. ..Who will speak today on behalf of all humanity? Who will step forward to prosecute and terminate ALL non-consensual human experimentation ongoing today? "
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This revolutionary book tells how the Mad Pride movement developed in the last ten years as the successor to the mental patients’ liberation movement. It includes a Foreword by Kate Millett and interviews with David Oaks, Sascha DuBrul (The Icarus Project), Dr Peter Stastny and Paul Levy, author of Wetiko. Drawing upon the work of theorists like Thomas Szasz, John Weir Perry and R.D. Laing Farber shows how the mad can embrace their “mad gifts” in order to help the long awaited global spiritual transition.
A work in the tradition of Thomas Szasz, R.D. Laing, Michel Foucault and Erving Goffman, a challenge to the delusional belief-system known as psychiatry; and a protest against its appalling crimes. Foreword by Thomas Szasz
The contributors are among the leading American Jewish critics of Zionism and of Israel's policies towards the Palestinians: Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Marc Ellis, Adam Shapiro, Phyllis Bennis, Rabbi Weiss and 6 others.
A critique of psychoanalysis and the medical model model of psychology as a form of secularized Augustinianism. Augustinianism, with its insistence on predestination and eternal damnation, was an inversion of the original Christian teaching of human freedom to respond to infinite grace and the promise of universal salvation.
"An important book."
--Thomas Szasz, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, State University of New York Health Science Center; author of The Myth of Mental Illness
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Excerpt (slightly altered) from essay in Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry (2001, 25th Anniversary Issue) "Against Psychotherapy and Biological Psychiatry"
This is a modern Bildungsroman by a maverick psychologist who is determined to change the world, find his soul mate and prove the soteriological power of madness and of love. He is haunted by a vision–a archetypal memory–of our lost paradise Like the creative misfits and (official) lunatics he befriends, and the mad women with whom he falls in love in this bewitching book-- which is alternately funny, tragic, and intellectually provocative-- he is never fully at home here, except for the ephemeral times when he has found true love. Farber’s peak experiences and his reading of modern mystics like Sri Aurobindo and Vladimir Solovyov, and gerontologists (like Aubrey De Grey) convince him that humanity is destined to attain eternal love and physical immortality-- paradise. It is testimony to Farber’s power as a writer that he is able to make his unusual vision, incredible as it is, seem as if it is just within the reach of humanity.
Human Rights Movement
Network Against Coercive Psychiatry is an organization comprised of psychotherapists (including psychiatrists), survivors of psychiatric incarceration (commonly known as "mental patients"), scholars and other concerned citizens.

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